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Massage client testimonials

Simple solution to my long-term health

"I am an active person with a healthy lifestyle...I am also a stress ball. The tightness in my neck, shoulders and back have resulted in frequent back pain and spasms for much of my adult life. Since seeing Rachel (weekly for over a year on her Wellness plan) I have been living pain free." ~ Angela 

Excellent Therapeutic Massage

Rachel provided excellent treatment to my 12 year old daughter. Rachel asked the right questions, listened to concerns, targeted the right areas. Rachel told us what she was doign throughout the process so neither of us were surprised by any new movement or event. We are very grateful. This massage helped my daughter feel herself again after several weeks of debilitating back pain (previously diagnosed by Sutter Dr. and chiropractor)." ~ JiJi H

Chronic pain and movement limitation mean that you enjoy your life less. At Davis Therapeutic Massage, I will help you heal your body so you can live your fullest life. It is my goal to ensure you receive the most therapeutic benefits from each and every session. 

I can't tell you how many times I have heard clients say, "I don't think massage can do anything for my pain. Only to turn around after just one session to say, "I don't know why I haven't tried this years ago." I have also heard them say "Rachel, you truly have magic hands." But don't take my word for it! Check out my reviews from people just like you. 

When included in your regular Wellness plan the benefits of massage therapy list goes on. You will feel great about your new found drug-free, all natural muscle relaxer (my hands). You will discover yourself in a new body as pain, tension and stress melt away.

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Successfully treated at Davis Therapeutic Massage include, but not limited to the following. 

  • neck and back pain 
  • sciatic pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • headaches
  • myofascial pain
  • insomnia
  • stress related tension
  • sports injury
  • Growth spurts